Choosing A Hosting Plan

If you're here, you may have started the ordering process. If you're confused by any chance, you're not at the right place. We will be explaining the different plans to help you choose the right hosting plan. See below for the current prices:

Basics Overview:

What Is A Website?

A website is, well a website. A website is found by going onto something like It is not limited by the number of files you can store.

Something like is called a subdomain, which is considered a different website. Thus, if you wanted to have a WordPress store at and have a different website at to advertise your services, these would be considered different websites. Having different domains is also considered different websites.

Nevertheless, is considered the same as

What Are Monthly Visits?

Monthly visits is a relative metric measuring the total number of times that your websites are accessed. This is not a quota for each website, but rather it is a relative quota tied to the total bandwidth usage of your account.

We define it as a relative metric because it changes for each user. We calculated these numbers by dividing our real bandwidth limits by 2 MB, as this was the average size of each page on the web in 2014. (, we realize that users experience different loads (Some include large images on a website, while others have a simple HTML page), so please consider the actual bandwidth limits.

Here are the actual website bandwidth limits:

Free Plan: 1 GB

Pro Plan: 50 GB

Plus Plan: 100 GB

Super Plan: 400 GB

What Is Storage?

Storage is how much content you can store on our servers. This is self explanatory. If you have a 1 MB image, you can upload it through our file manager.

As a general tip, if you will be including an image on your site, save it as a .jpg file instead of a .png file to save on space, as they are generally more compressed.

What Is A Mailbox?

All ISODME hosting plans allow you to send emails through our email system. A mailbox is simply another mail user that you can create. For example, you can create, and this would be a different mailbox as

What Is An Email Alias?

An email alias is basically a mailbox that forwards mail to another mailbox (or more than one!). For example, an email from could forward to both as well as

What Is A Database?

A database is a place to store information. Do you want to create a login system? How about a WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or forum website? You will need at least one database to store information.

Features Overview:


AWStats is a comprehensive server side analytics reporting system, allowing you to see detailed metrics like where your users are coming from, your most popular webpages, visit durations, and much much more.


Webalizer is a reporting system that is similar to AWStats but less detailed. It is included in all of our plans.

Spam Filter

Our basic spam filter is powered by Spamassassin, the world's #1 open source email filtration software. While we also offer premium enterprise-grade Spam Experts software, our Spamassassin spam filter already removes a good chunk of spam mail before ever entering your ISODME webmail inbox. Customers also have an option to view the spam messages.

Antivirus Filter

Our antivirus filter is powered by ClamAV, one of the world's top virus detection software options. It removes emails that have been detected with viruses and malware before ever entering your ISODME webmail inbox.

WebDAV Login

Customers familiar with WebDAV can use it on their website.

DNS Management

ISODME provides DNS management free of charge. Customers can register for our domains or point their domain's nameservers to us, and we will handle all domain name system requests.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate allows your website to operate with the green padlock icon next to your browser's address bar. It encrypts the connection to our servers from the browser, eliminating the chance for MITM or man-in-the-middle attacks to occur on your website, making your site secure, giving your customers more trust, and enabling your website to get a boost by some search engines. You may also purchase premium SSL certificates that include your business's name. In fact, Google plans to mark all websites without SSL certificates as "Not Secure," so getting one is vital for business websites.(


If you're a small business, getting an SSL Certificate is vital, so getting the PRO plan is a bare minimum. We also recommend the plans with spam and antivirus filtering for businesses for safety. Thus, we recommend our Plus plan, but you can really try any plan that you want and then upgrade or downgrade if you want.

FREE Plan: Useful for hobbyists or customers experimenting with coding or software

PRO Plan: Useful for tiny businesses or personal websites that do not need all features

PLUS Plan: Best value plan useful for small businesses or large websites

SUPER Plan: Useful for medium sized businesses or huge websites

Need more? We offer virtual machines or virtual private servers as well as dedicated servers. View pricing on our sister company's website: Please contact us if you are interested.

If you don't like our service, you can get your money back thirty days after you complete your initial order, so please try out one of the premium plans. Our high tiered plans are priced at their low tiered plans.

We don't use any shady marketing tactics. For most hosting companies, the price you see is the introductory price. Then, it'll jump up, sometimes 10x the introductory price. Reviews by self proclaimed experts are riddled with advertisements. If they recommend something to you, they get a commission. Please remember this if you are comparing our service with others.

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