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Wordpress is a great CMS, or content management system. It allows users to effortlessly create their own website in a friendly environment.

Today, we'll learn how to install it on our own ISODME website.

First, create an account and login to your control panel. Learn to do so:

Once inside the Webmin/Virtualmin control panel, click on "Install Scripts" in the right-hand menu.

Virtualmin Install Scripts Page

Now, check the WordPress button and click on "Show Install Options."

Virtualmin Wordpress Install Options

You will have come to this page. Please either select "At top level" or something else. The following are examples where is your domain or subdomain name.

  • At top level means that WordPress will be installed at
  • Anything else means that your WordPress website will be installed at This means that you could have your own website made from HTML at, but you could have a WordPress blog at

In this example, we will be using installing WordPress at the top level, even though it shows the default of wordpress above. \

Click on "Install now" and confirm your decision on the next page. Do not worry if your website is brand new and you get a warning message that items will be deleted.

After WordPress is installed, click on the link starting with your website name to set it up.

Go through the installation process and congrats! You've successfully installed WordPress. Now, you can manage it by going to:


  1. Login to the control panel through
  2. Go to the file manager
  3. Openwp-config.php
  4. Edit the fields: "database", "username", and "password" to match the ones you can find in the edit databases tab.

Now, you can install all of the plugins and themes that you want.

We highly recommend installing an Elementor compatible theme and the Elementor plugin. With the Elementor plugin, you can use an easy drag-and-drop editor, similar to or Weebly.

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