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Getting started with a website can be hard. However, ISODME makes this process easy, and most importantly, affordable for you. Whether it's our high uptime, great control panel, or reasonable pricing, there is something that has made ISODME attractive to hundreds of customers in over 20 countries worldwide.

Selecting A Hosting Plan

Firstly, we need to choose a hosting plan that suits your needs. See below for reference.

If you are not sure what plan to choose, we have a comprehensive explanation:

You may double check the latest offerings on our website. Now, click on "choose plan."

After doing so, you will be redirected to the following page:


  • Register a new domain - You will register a new domain. Prices start at about ~6 dollars per year.
  • Transfer your domain from another registrar - You will get an EPP verification code to transfer your domain from another domain registrar. Prices start at about ~6 dollars per year
  • I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers - At many domain registration companies, you can change your nameservers. You can use this option if you want to use your domain but are uncomfortable transferring it to us. We will create a website with your domain name, but your domain and website will not be "linked" until you change your nameservers to two or more of the following:,,,, Cost: FREE, but you need to already own a domain.
  • Use a subdomain from ISODME - A subdomain goes by the following format: Your site will be put where "example" is. In order to connect your domain to this option, you can put a CNAME record to your domain. This will allow users to access your website via your domain. If you do not own a domain, this is the perfect option as it is 100%FREE and you will still get a website.

If you will be using the option to use our nameservers while you maintain your domain on another provider, use the following nameservers:

For this example, we will be using a subdomain of Your subdomain needs to be at least four characters long. At the cart, check that everything is correct. Checkout Cart

Now, sign up and ensure that all of your information is correct. Please read through the terms of service and then complete your order. If a payment is required, you will need to pay.

Now, wait as the order is processed. This may take a few minutes. Now, you should receive the following page:Order Confirmation

Accessing the control panel

Click on "Continue to Client Area."

Your page should look something like this:

Client Area

Click on "Services." Now, please select your order. Be careful.Do not click on the blue text containing your website name. Click on the white area around it, as shown in the following image.

Select Order

After, you will come to the following order page:

Clientarea order page

Click on the button at the bottom that says "Login to Control Panel."

You are now on the Webmin/Virtualmin control panel! Use the file manager to upload, script installers to install Wordpress, etc.

You can also enable SSL to secure connections to your website.

Happy website creating!

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